Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thrift Finds: All over the world

 Hello friends of the vintage find,

I have been traveling all over the world with my finds. It is always fun to find where everything was made and imagine these far away places.

First, we visit England. This gorgeous tall vase was designed by David Yorath for Denby. Hand decorated by Audrey Cole Parker with the "Minaret" design.

A bull and bear Dansk figurines made in France by a Danish company. Usually paired together to represent the stock market. We all want a bull market by the way.

The loveliest kokeshi doll I have ever found. Made in Japan by Murakami Kenichi and carved out of solid wood. I love her.

A very tall Festivo candle holder made by iittala, Finland. Designed by Timo Sarpaneva. I am surprised at the cloudiness of the glass. I think the piece is thicker than the smaller ones and that contributes to the difference. The piece is original and signed. Has anyone noticed this lack of clarity in any of the larger pieces?

A set of 8 Cera glasses with golden Indian dancers surrounded by a bright pink garden. Instant glam for your bar.

And finally we are back in the US! A beautiful and rare 6212 genie decanter in Rose designed by Wayne Husted.

Thanks a lot for coming along. Where did your finds take you this week? Come and share with us at  A Living SpaceSir Thrift a Lot and Thrifter Maker Fixer Farm.

If you would like more information on any of my finds you can always contact me. I give discounted prices to my blog readers.


  1. Love Denby in general...but that Denby piece is amazing!!

    1. It is so lovely! The hand painted decoration is so beautiful!

  2. The cloudiness and more jaggedness to the rings is why I left a set behind priced at $20! Still makes me mad. ;-)

  3. The Denby vase is just lovely, I am flying out to thrift with you, I can't stand it! You have awakened a love of so many items that are rare, rare, rare here in Maine. When I happen to find something, I am over the moon, but the pickings are slim to none. Oh, well, at least I get to see what treasures are out there in the wide world and to enjoy your finds.

    1. Sometimes I fear that I make it look easy. I drive a lot and I sometimes do not pay thrifty prices. But you are right, California is the land of plenty :)

    2. Oh, I know it isn't easy...finding great pieces is a lot of work but we both love the hunt, I can tell. I am sure at one time, people were jealous of the old stuff coming from the East coast and sometimes, there are some neat old treasures. Mid Century Modern is just not that prevelant here. Sometimes, due to your blog, I spy something, but most of the time, those items just aren't available.
      Finding treasures is work, but it is so much fun!